TAKLUNG PAINTING: A Study in Chronology by Jane Casey

TAKLUNG PAINTING: A Study in Chronology by Jane Casey
 with contributions by Gyurme Dorje and Liao Yang

in 2 Volumes 

A seminal book on dating and identification of Tibetan paintings.

Beautifully presented in two volumes, Taklung Painting: A Study in Chronology establishes a reliable foundation for assigning dates to nearly one hundred paintings associated with Taklung Monastery in central Tibet and its sister monastery, Riwoche in eastern Tibet. Using visual lineages (the succession of teachers represented in the top, side, and, occasionally, the bottom registers of paintings), inscriptions, narrative scenes (in which principal structures in the Taklung Monastery compound may be linked to specific dates), and style analysis, the author identifies fundamental parameters that help to create firm chronological designations for these c. twelfth to mid-sixteenth century paintings. This essential two-volume set includes more than 800 images, illustrating Taklung paintings in vivid detail, pointing out key visual comparisons and deciphering their many inscriptions. 

JANE CASEY is an art historian specializing in Himalayan art. Educated in the History of Science (A.B.) and in Fine Arts (A.M. and Ph.D.) at Harvard University, since 1991 she has worked as an independent art historian, curating exhibitions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and at Casa Asia, Barcelona. She is a Guest Professor at the Zhejiang University Center for Buddhist Art in Hangzhou and a Research Fellow in Tibetan Art at the Palace Museum in Beijing.