New Book: The Beauty of Purposeful Living by Judith Conant Chase

The Beauty of Purposeful Living: Living Traditions of Nepal by Judith Conant Chase will be launched at the Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal in June. This volume harks back to the lost world of the 1970s film colors, documenting Nepal's villages and valleys from the Terai lowlands to the highlands of the Tibet borders and the Kathmandu Valley. Judith Conant Chase has since 1974 been walking the high and low plains, to visit villagers and to participate in their daily lives, communities, and their rich artistic activities. There is no book quite like it in terms of a broad anthropological richness, and the stunning photographs she had taken have remarkable honesty and power in their existence. With more than 600 unpublished photographs from 1974-2018.

Books will be shipped at the end of June and you can order it from Serindia's web site here.